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I paid for Vuze Plus. Now how do I activate it?

If you have upgraded to Vuze Plus, then you should have received an email with your activation code. To enter the code and activate Plus, just go to the “Help” menu in Vuze and click “Vuze Plus Activation” (requires Vuze version 4.4 or newer). Enter the code you received in the “Activation” popup dialog that appears. Click Agree. Vuze will proceed to install the Plus plugins. When the plugins are done being installed, click “Get Started” in the popup that appears. Vuze will take you to the Vuze Plus welcome page. On this page you should see that you now have:

  • Unlimited DVD Burns
  • Active Antirus scanning
  • Ad-free searching

Congratulations! You are now ready to experience the most powerful bittorrent client on earth.

What do I do if I can’t find my Vuze Plus activation code?

If you paid for a Vuze Plus activation code but can’t seem to find it, or if you uninstalled Vuze and need to relocate your Plus code to activate a new installation on your previously activated computer, fear not! We can help.

Go to the Vuze Plus Code Recovery page and read the instructions for recovering a lost code.

If you have confirmed that you paid for an official Vuze Plus activation code and you clicked the link at the end of the page, you will arrive at the Vuze Plus support form. Make sure you enter the same name and email address that you used to purchase Plus, select the “Vuze Plus Billing” option, and write a brief description of your problem (e.g. Argh! I can’t locate my Plus activation code!) and click “Send”.

One of our kindly Plus support representatives will get back to you with your Plus activation code.

Note: if you enter a different email address or name in the form, we will not be able to validate your subscription. If you are not sure which email address you used to sign up for Plus, enter alternate email addresses in the “Message” field and we will attempt to locate a code associated with one of the other addresses.

What if my Help menu does not have a "Vuze Plus Activation" item?

Vuze Plus requires client version 4.4 or newer. You will need to upgrade to the latest client version before you can activate Plus. The latest client installer is always available on www.vuze.com, but you can download Plus installer directly here:

Windows: Vuze_Installer.exe

Mac OSX: Vuze_Installer.dmg

I tried to enter my Vuze Plus activation code, but I got an error message stating: "Your Vuze Plus Activation Code has been denied. Please click below to get more information." What does this mean?

Vuze Plus is able to be installed on three machines using a given activation code. Attempting to install it on the fourth machine will cause an error message to appear. If you have arrived here after clicking on the link in the error message, then that means your activation code has already been used to activate three instances of Vuze Plus, and it is time for you to purchase an additonal license.

I ocassionally see a password request box to enable the encryption key. I don't have and have never set up a password. The word "featman" shows in this box.

Please try the following

1) Select Tools - Options menu item, and go to the Mode item at the top left and then switch to the Advanced proficiency level.

2) Then select the Security item on the left, and click the Reset button next to the "Reset keys" option in the Public/Private Keys area

3) Hit OK when it pops up the data loss warning.

4) In the following Encryption Key Access window, keep the two password fields blank, and change the persistence to Forever, then hit OK.

5) Close the config window and then select File - Restart Vuze

6) Once Vuze launches again, go ahead and try Activating again.

How do I get a refund for Vuze Plus?

If you’re having difficulty using Vuze or Vuze Plus, please visit the support page. There is a wealth of information there to help you master Vuze, as well as the new Plus features.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for Vuze Plus. Instead, we offer all of our users the opportunity to use Vuze for free for as long as they like before upgrading to Vuze Plus. We are, however, committed to helping you solve your technical troubles with Plus.

I didn’t authorize this charge. Who do I talk to?

Please check your statement to make sure that you made your purchase through www.vuze.com. If this is the case, your statement should have a charge that looks similar to:

PAYPAL *VUZE INC 4029357733 CA

If it doesn’t include “PAYPAL” and “VUZE INC”, or if it references any other name, then you may have purchased regular (non-Plus) Vuze from a 3rd party website. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the company you paid is not associated with Vuze, Inc. Vuze has always been distributed at no charge to our users, and it is available to download for free from a limited number of trusted official sources, as well as our own website, www.vuze.com. If this is not where you obtained your copy of Vuze, we strongly encourage you to uninstall your current installation of Vuze and download an official installer from www.vuze.com for free.

We have recently become aware of various companies claiming to be Vuze and purporting to offer “free movie downloads” or the like for an activation fee. They sometimes “require” a membership username and password. You may have dealt with one of these companies. We are not associated with them and do not receive any portion of the funds they may collect. If you have dealt with one of these companies, we are unable to help you because the software you purchased is not a supported Vuze product and this company is in no way associated with Vuze, Inc. If you are unable to get satisfaction from the company that sold you your software, you may consider contacting your payment provider to lodge a complaint or seek a refund.

  • If your credit card bill / receipt shows MB-Sale or MB-Purchase, you have been scammed; Vuze Inc has absolutely nothing to do with these 3rd parties, and cannot help you or refund any money.

If you are certain that the purchase was made at www.vuze.com, that means someone with access to your credit card information visited our web site and used your card to purchase Vuze Plus. Ask your family members if they did this. If not, then please call the number on the statement and a customer service representative will assist you.

How do I fix activation problems?

Vuze Plus licences are managed by a licence server - [http://license.vuze.com/licence]. If access to this address is blocked then you will not be able to activate your licence (you will receive an error message indicating that the licence server could not be contacted). You can test connectivity by clicking on the link. If this page fails to load you will need to investigate why you have a general connectivity problem. If the page loads but you continue to get activation errors then you need to see if you have any firewall or antivirus software installed that is preventing the Vuze application from making connections to the internet.

The following software has been reported to block various aspects of activation:

Software Symptom Resolution
Alice Total Security Failure to install the 'feature manager' plugin Disable the software

When you activate Vuze Plus a number of plugins are automatically installed to support the various Plus features. If there are issues installing these then you will see popup errors that refer to activation failure and plugins being non-operational. There are a few possible causes of this, here are some things to check:

  • You have disabled auto-update for Vuze or for plugins - go to Tools->Options->Interface->Start and ensure that Vuze update checking is enabled. Also go to Tools->Options->Plugins->Plugin Update and check that plugin update is enabled
  • You have manually disabled one or more of the plugins required for Vuze Plus to operate. Go to Tools->Options->Plugins and ensure that 'load at startup' is enabled for your plugins (in particular aefeatman_v, aeantivirus_v, azburn_v and vuzexcode)

Vp plug las.png

  • You have manually stopped one of plugins from downloading - plugin installation uses a Vuze download as part of the process - Go to your library, click on the 'detailed view' icon on the right-hand side of the toolbar and look for downloads that are in a stopped or error state. Restart stopped ones and investigate the error message reported against the ones that are in error.
  • Something is preventing the plugins from installing. This could be a network issue such as Vuze not being authorised in firewall/other anti-virus software to access the network (check Windows_Firewall on Windows)
  • You have a proxy server configured (for example BTGuard, I2P or Tor plugins) and it isn't working correctly
  • A plugin has partially installed and is in an unrecoverable state - check the alerts indicated by the yellow warning triangle at the bottom right of Vuze - if a plugin-specific message such as 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.vuze.azureus.plugins.antivirus.AntiVirusPlugin' or 'Plugin verification failed' is shown (you might need to click the 'details' link of the alert to see this) then you need to uninstall the plugin and restart Vuze. The simplest way to uninstall is via the 'Plugin Uninstallation Wizard - go to Tools->Plugins->Uninstallation Wizard... and then check the plugins to uninstall. For Vuze Plus the relevant plugins are 'AntiVirus', 'DVD Burning' and 'Vuze Transcoder'. If you can't uninstall the plugins this way then you can manually do this by going to Tools->Options->Plugins and selecting the link at the top to open Explorer/Finder to the user-specific plugins directory. Close Vuze and then use Explorer/Finder to delete the directories corresponding to the broken plugins (Feature Manager=aefeatman_v; Anti Virus=aeantivirus_v; DVD Burn=azburn_v; Vuze Transcoder=vuzexcode)

If this doesn't help then please join the Beta program (see the Help menu for the 'Join Beta Program' option - you will need to restart once or twice to pick up the latest software.

If you still have issues please generate a debug.zip diganostic file (see the last menu entry in the Help menu) and then contact Vuze Customer Support via the support page and attach the debug.zip file.

Vuze Plus keeps resetting

Some users experience continual resetting of their Vuze Plus to 'start of day' after a system restart - symptoms include licence reactivation and plus component installation, a suggestion to run a speed test and ultimately the licence is blocked due to 'too many activations'. Please see Configuration Keeps Resetting for a possible solution.

How do I revert to Vuze Free?

If you decide not to renew Vuze Plus you can remove the Vuze Plus features by doing a complete uninstall (see Uninstalling_Azureus) and the re-installing with the free version. Doing so will reset everything so you will end up with an empty library, default configuration settings etc.

If you want to retain your settings then you will need to do some manual changes. First close Vuze Plus. You need to delete the file named "licences.dat" in your Vuze installation directory. You also need to locate and delete the various plugins associated with Vuze Plus. The directory names you need delete are in your 'per-user' plugin directory (%appdata%\Azureus\plugins on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/Vuze/plugins on Mac) and are called "aefeatman_v", "aeantivirus_v" and "azburn_v".

I re-installed Vuze and now the search results are different

Vuze uses search templates (see FAQ_Meta_Search) to control which sites are searched and there the results found. When you (re)install Vuze on a new computer, in a new user or after replacing/rebuilding a disk, you will get the default set of search templates. If you had extra templates installed on your previous install of Vuze you will need to re-install them. If you still have access to the previous Vuze (e.g. you're setting Vuze up on two computers) you can copy the search templates from one to another - see FAQ_Meta_Search#Copying_Search_Templates_from_one_computer_to_another