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Copying Vuze, its settings and the downloaded data files can be done with a few straightforward steps, provided that you have the basic skills for handling files and permissions.

This article is written from a Windows perspective, but the same concepts work also in Linux. Mac OS X may deviate at some details, but the main concepts are still the same.


Several different parts need to be taken care of:

  • The Vuze program itself. It is typically installed to "Program files", usually c:\program files\Vuze.
  • Settings for Vuze. They are stored in 'Azureus' subdirectory in your user profile. The directory location depends on OS. In Vista and Windows 7 the location is "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Azureus\". See the Configuration directory article.
  • Status data about downloads. Information about your active downloads and uploads is also stored inside the config directory. The key files are 'downloads.config' and 'active' subdirectory's <hashcode>.DAT files, which are renamed copies of the .torrent files used to originally launch the download.
  • These files also contain file path information, so directly copying those files to a new computer will not work if the paths change.
  • Downloaded files. They are just normal files on your disk. You can copy them with any normal file copy tools.


The copy process varies quite a lot from the source OS - destination OS combination. Simplest is to copy to identical OS, as paths can remain the same.

Note. since version 4703 Vuze has a Backup And Restore feature that can be used to copy configuration data from one install to another.

Typical process goes:

  1. Install Vuze to the new system. Check that it works. Possibly install the extra plugins you have been using.
  2. Copy the downloaded files.
  3. Optionally copy settings (but not 'downloads.config' and 'active'). Use Vuze GUI to check all the file paths related options and set paths correctly (e.g. the default download directory).
  4. Import torrents and point them to the copied downloaded files, so that downloading/seeding continues. Several methods can be applied:
  • Import torrents one by one. Read How do you resume and Seed an existing file articles. If you have no other copies of the .torrent files, you can use the 'active' subdirectory's <hashcode>.DAT files from the old system.
  • If paths are identical in old and new system, also regarding the location of the Windows user profile (e.g. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Azureus in Vista and Windows 7), you can try to directly copy all settings, including 'downloads.config' and contents of 'active'.
  • Even if the paths are different, you may still try to copy 'downloads.config' and contents of 'active'. When Vuze then launches next time, it should show all the torrents, but will fail to find the downloaded files and will give you errors for each torrent. You should be able to recover each torrent by pointing it to the correct path: There should be the option to "Change Data Directory" in the torrent's context menu. See Torrent health#Data missing.

Steps 1, 2 and also 3 are pretty straightforward, but step 4 is the challenge.


  • Copying settings from XP to Vista/7 causes all paths to change, as the user profile changes place. Same naturally between Linux-Mac-Windows.
  • Vista and 7 have identical path structures, so copying betwen them should be easy.
  • After copying the settings, but before starting Vuze in the new system, use Ultima's BencodeEditor to edit the .config files and correct all the paths. It is a rather easy and handy tool to edit files that are encoded with "bencoding" like Vuze's .config files and all .torrent files. . You should be able to go through the config files and manually change all path options to new OS paths. (Or just delete the options with old paths, and let new Vuze to re-generate the options to new defaults in the first launch.)

Fixing changed paths:
If you want to import your previous configuration, torrents and downloads on a new computer, but the paths to the downloads have changed and there are too many downloads to fix manually, you can change the paths by using an automated process. This will involve a "search" of the old path and "replace" with the new path using a binary search and replace utility. The key rule to follow here is that the length of the old and new paths have to be exactly the same number of characters or the config will become corrupt. This will work for changing drive letters or where you can control and rename the target directory (to adjust its path length as needed). I have used a utility called "FileBinReplace" to change all paths from drive D: to E: . The relevant command line commands could be:

  • FileBinReplace.exe *.config D:\Downloads\ E:\Downloads\
  • FileBinReplace.exe active\*.dat D:\Downloads\ E:\Downloads\


Transfer old HDD to new system[edit]

New system has Windows on C: and old drive is now D:. The old Vuze library (downloaded files) is now at D:\Users\UserName\Documents\Azureus Downloads.

Trying to use the settings and old files directly from D: is not practical. Too many wrong paths in the settings and torrent data etc. are still pointing to C:.

The easiest thing would be to manually add each torrent back, and while adding them just point Vuze to the correct directory. See How_do_you_resume and Seed_an_existing_file. (Adding torrents through menu allows you to select the directory better. Alternatively, uncheck the "automatically download to the default directory" option in Files option, while adding torrents)

Alternative approach would be to copy everything to new C:

  1. copy all files from old D:-Downloads to a the new C:-Downloads,
  2. copy at least azureus.config, downloads.config files from config directory in D to similar config directory in the new C:
  3. copy all <hashcode>.dat files from config/active subdirectory to the new one.
(or just everything from that old config dir %AppData%/Azureus in D: to the new one in C:.)

If you exactly copy everything, you should be fine.

Moving Vuze from windows to linux[edit]

It will be impossible to keep all settings due to the major changes in the directory/filename structure.

You could try to keep most of your settings, but you should probably manually re-insert all torrents to Vuze.

1) All settings are stored in the Vuze config directory. Copy the contents of that (especially all *.config files). Some of the settings contain paths, and those will be invalid.

You need to manually go through them in the options dialogs in Linux Vuze and enter the correct new paths.

Due to path issues, I would not copy the active subdirectory and downloads.config/bak files, which contain the info about active torrents. I think that it will be easier to insert torrents correctly from GUI than trying to edit all paths there.

1 b) Alternatively, before copying the settings to Linux, use BencodeEditor to edit the .config files and correct all the paths in the config files.

2) After copying all the finished/halfloaded download files to the new system, insert all torrents from Vuze GUI, from File / Open / Add torrent menu item like described here: How_do_you_resume

You should be able to point Vuze to the correct files, so that it will get the completion status ok.

Use either the original .torrent files or the renamed .dat copies like explained here: Configuration_directory#fn_1